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Baja Sardinia Food and Wine

Baja Sardinia Food & Wine is located in Piazzetta Due Vele Baja Sardinia. All the outlets are managed by the Filigheddu brothers and are located a few meters from each other. The outlets include a bar, a pizza restaurant, a wine shop, a sushi restaurant and an ice cream parlour. The whole family is actively involved. The Filigheddu brothers are proud to offer their customers high-quality gastronomic experiences. The coffee shop is the ideal place to start the day with a delicious espresso or cappuccino. The pizza restaurant offers spaghetti and pizza dishes prepared with fresh and local ingredients. The wine shop offers a wide selection of wines not only from Sardinia, but from all over the world.

Baja Sardinia Food and Wine

Spend a day at Baja Sardinia Food & Wine , where you can find the best wines of the area and enjoy delicious food. All these outlets are run by a single local family who work with passion and dedication, so that you can enjoy all that our region has to offer.

Our intimate setting is the ideal place to spend a romantic evening or to celebrate a special occasion with friend

Baja Sardinia is a unique area of natural beauty and relaxation. You'll find emerald green waters and white sand beaches, perfect for a last-minute summer getaway.

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